Our puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again...

Below are pictures and names of our adoptable dogs and their status is kept up to date.

Please email us at if you require more information. We receive pups and dogs regularly so please keep watching in anticipation...

My thanks for your interest in our remarkable dogs - Sharron


Pip has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED - Pip is a sweet, darling, caring pup. She is three months old and came down from Attawapiskat with her two sisters. They look like miniature Dachshunds and she is clearly part Terrier. Pip has the confidence to play with the bigger dogs and interest enough to explore with them. She has both respect and spunk. Pip wants only to be loved and adored and she will return such devotion in abundance. She will remain a small sized dog I believe and she is more than ready to be everyone’s best friend.

Tassle 3.jpg

Tassle has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED - Tassle is the middle child of her litter. She wants to please and takes turns following her sister’s leads as they tend to go in different directions. She is their cheerleader and will bark along side her sister Pom Pom then run with abandon with her sister Pip. She is ready and willing to share happiness and to love deeply. Tassle is kind and giving and she deserves her own turn to shine. If there are children in the family, they will need to be old enough to understand and respect this small dog and her space. We believe she is a Miniature Dachshund / Yorkie cross.


Pom Pom 2.jpg

Pom Pom has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED - Pom Pom earned her name due to the small size of her body and the amount of zest it contains. She likes to challenge people on first meeting and that has less to do with wariness than it does with being really impressed with herself and wanting others to be as well. Once picked up she snuggles in for a tummy rub. She likes to play and is a very happy little girl but, if placed with children, they need to be old enough to understand her quirks and deal with them. She would be overwhelmed by too many people or busy comings and goings but would do well as a companion. She would be happiest in a situation where she won’t get lost in the shuffle because she needs to be noticed and feel important. Ego is not nearly as unattractive in dogs as it is in people. Pom Pom has spirit and glee and she is a darling.  We believe she is a Miniature Dachshund / Yorkie cross.



ADOPTED - Jenny is from Attawapiskat and she is just a year old. She wandered the streets by herself and assumed she would be alone forever. She was a young dog who had been abandoned so she quickly learned to stay safe by hiding and to trust no one. She was satisfied with the bit of food she could scrounge and never expected more.

Her first show of kindness came when she was rescued and she was wary. She didn’t recognize the love she was being offered but, in time, gave into soft words of encouragement and a tender touch.     

It took no time at all for Jenny to trust happiness and to share the love she had in her heart. She now seeks affection, explores with interest and looks forward to each new day. She runs and plays with the other dogs and truly enjoys their company. She hasn’t met many children but I am sure a sweet smile would attract her attention and she would befriend anyone who showed respect and understanding. Jenny is like a flower that bloomed in the sunlight and all she needs now is someone to guide her the rest of the way to belonging forever.  

We wanted Jenny to settle and feel confident before spaying her so she has not yet had that surgery.