And so said the dogs . . .

I have long admired the brilliant spirit of rescue dogs and how they are able to live in the moment, regardless of what has come before or what may follow. I have seen dogs raise their heads after severe abuse or injury and marveled at their ability to still believe in goodness. I have held dogs and promised they will never be harmed again. Each one of them found it in themselves to begin again. I doubted I would ever have such grace or courage but after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, I began my own journey of fear, hope and acceptance. I emotionally climbed mountains and stumbled into valleys but whenever I doubted myself, I thought of the dogs. They do not allow the possibility of future fears to defeat them.

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Greeting Cards

Set of 5 heavy stock cards and envelopes $20.

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Each dog featured in the So Said the dogs . . . collection is a dog that was rescued by Moosonee Puppy Rescue and each came with a story that inspired strength, spirit and wisdom.

We can all learn from our dogs if we just get out of our own way and pay attention.

When you rescue a dog, it rescues you right back.

All proceeds from this collection go directly to the dogs we have flown out of Attawapiskat that are seriously ill or severely injured. And sadly, there are many.

Please contribute to their well-being.


Inside Content:

To discover possibilities, let of of what you think you know, allow for what you don’t know and accept what you need to learn.

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Front: Look Beyond.

Inside Content: To possibilities

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Inside: Every day is a chance. Take it.

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Inside: To personally succeed in life, give all you can, then all you thought you couldn’t.

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Inside: Pause every so often and take the time you need.

Use it to think, ponder or wonder. Just don’t waste it.



Inside: When in the midst of change, be still. Pausing will allow you to trust the unexpected and be in the moment.

Book Marks(6” x 2'“) $2.50 each

T-shirts 100% Preshrunk Cotton$25 Unisex

Sizes and Colours

Angus - Pink: Small, Medium, X-Large, 3X-Large / Grey: Large / Mint: X-Large / Turquoise: X-Large

Trooper - Turquoise: Small, Medium, Large, 3X-Large / Pink: X-Large / Grey: 2X-Large

Mission - Mint: Medium, Large / Grey: X-Large / Turquoise: 2X-Large

Amos - Turquoise: Small, Large / Mint: Medium / Pink: Medium, X-Large / Grey: Large, X-Large

Bernadette - Mint: Small / Pink: Medium, Large, X-Large / Turquoise: X-Large

Soldier - Grey: Small, X-Large, 3X-Large / Rose: Large / Turquoise: Large

Binders (3 ring) $15

Tote Bags

Small black cotton tote $35. Large Canvas Totes $40

Pink Bernadette / Pink Angus / Blue Trooper / Black Amos

Cotton Pillows

Each pillow has the dog’s watercolour print on the front and the lesson he or she taught on the back. A tag is attached to each pillow explaining what inspired the collection as a whole and the dog’s individual story in brief. Tag is shown below.

Bernadette cotton pillow, “Let go of what you think you know, allow for what you don’t know and accept what it is you need to learn”. 16” x 16” pale pinks. $50

Angus cotton pillow, “Be still, and accept the moment”. $50