“dogs do not want charity as they are proud and noble creatures. True, they are in need, but they prefer to offer something in exchange for any help they receive.”

Sharron Purdy  |  Co-Founder



Moosonee Puppy Rescue officially began in May 2003. Our purpose is to save dogs from neglect, abandonment, abuse and at times from being trapped and shot in the isolated northern communities of Moosonee, Attawapiskat, Fort Albany and Kashechewan.
We have assisted those in Northern Manitoba and even Mexico. All dogs are deserving of love, kindness and respect; our mission is to ensure that we assist those in need and create a better life for them.

We accept surrenders when needed. All dogs deserve the best of chances.
We have placed 1,800 dogs to date and we are grateful to have known every single one of them.

MPR is registered Charitable Corporation (#84201-8988-RR0001)


To work with those that want to make a difference for the dogs and give them a safe environment to live in, away from fear, neglect and hurt. As well, to educate and assist those in need, to create a better life for the dogs.



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