Not one person I have spoken to in the last three months has had a good past year and a half. It seems 2018 and 2019 are meant to be times of acceptance, tolerance, overcoming and enduring. You won’t find this insight in any almanac but I can personally vouch for it being accurate. To cope, some people are taking long vacations, some are changing occupations, homes or shopping with willful abandon while others are simply staying in bed. But, if you can’t afford or risk any of these, I have a suggestion that will lift your spirits and bring joy back into your life. Spend more time with your dog(s). Not just cuddling on the couch or walking around the block but by participating in the RUFF MUDDER, 5km run/walk/saunter/mosey on down obstacle course in Stayner on June 22nd and 23rd. Do the course at your pace, with your dog(s). If the sun is shining it’s a wonderful day and if its raining, its perfect for laughing out loud with strangers. Don’t just grunt, sigh or stop reading now. That is the kind of attitude that needs changing. If you’ve participated before then do so again and if you never even considered such a thing, sign up. Or, just come to mingle and applaud the brave at heart as they travel a course meant for fun.

Moosonee Puppy Rescue will be participating, and by that, I mean as a vendor selling our tribute jewelry and the So Said the Dogs . . . collection but one of our star northern dogs will be running the course. Goliath (pictured above), who became Monty after being adopted, will seize the day with dogs from all across Canada and he will need us all cheering him on as he leads the way in his wave of participants. The event runs from 9-4:30pm both days so please join us to share in a day we all need to regain our balance and sense of delight. You can find more information on this great event by going to www.ruffmudder.ca. Yay northern dogs, hurray for all dogs and good for us. Sharron