Tulips. I love tulips. They make me happy so I keep a vase filled with them whenever possible. Dogs. I love dogs. They make me joyous so I surround myself with them always. Dogs with tulips give me hope.

One happening can cause a lifetime to shift and new thoughts and beliefs must replace many held dear and thought to last forever. Seems forever is what we make it though so, while traditions may change, new joy can still be found. Easter once meant hidden eggs, woven baskets filled with treats and a lavish table set for family but I no longer host those occasions. My days are simpler now and my pace much slower. I have come to understand and accept disappointing limitations while learning a new way to be. It took time, but rewards have been found.

The dogs remain a constant though, for their needs have not changed. They may respect our aging and my health concerns but their survival is of greater import. Each time we think we can’t, we do. Every time we are full, we make more room and when we need to sit, we stand instead. Other parts of life may have been chipped away or altered but the dogs continue.

Over the last few months alone we have placed nineteen puppies and five adult dogs. Many found homes without ever being posted. Over sixteen years of rescue work our dogs have become known, respected and appreciated so people are willing to wait for the one meant for them. Some are looking for their second or third dog from us because, sadly, generations have had time to pass.   

Tulips will bloom this Spring as always and sweet warm breezes will cause us to pause and breathe in deeply. Soft rains will cleanse the ground and we will, once again, feel the warmth of the sun. Spring is the season of anticipation when so much seems possible. It is the time for new life and for beginning again. Spring arrived here yesterday with a mom and her five, two-week-old pups. She is worn and weary but still, her spirit shines through. We named her Mae because she is a simple girl who waited, endured and hoped for more. Her skin is scarred and her fur sparse in places but she is lovely. A young dog named Ted will come to us shortly and despite an injured paw, being caught in a snare and attacked by other dogs, he is kind. Fern, a mom with a newborn litter will come too and I’ll name one of her pups Tulip.

No matter the shifts, changes and disappointments we face in life, there is also hope and promise. So, this Spring, celebrate all that is possible and pause to smell the tulips. Happy Easter. Sharron