The first post of the new year must begin with my great gratitude in being able to write it. There were moments of 2017 when there was doubt as to whether I would be able to continue in rescue work or contribute to the cause through the  written word or power of deed. Doubt lingered into the very early days of 2018 but was recently banished. The threat of a second brain surgey looms further into the distance now that my optic surgeon supports my decision to delay. All facts were considered and the possible outcome of losing my sight in one eye was measured against the time I have now and suffering I can certainly endure. The remaining tumour will be monitored but others can worry about that and I will move foreward with a sense of abandon. There is much to do, much to change and much we will celebrate in time.

Any encouragement, support or motivation I needed to forge ahead came in the form of ten pups born on Christmas day. Maisie, their mom, warmed my heart and brought me hope but her wriggling little beings offered me ten reasons to believe in a better day and a brilliant tomorrow.  

So, we begin. Speak up, stand up and contribute. MPR is on the verge of a controversial media fundraising campaign so ready yourselves. Those with contacts in the media please share them with me. Those who wish to spread the word when the time comes please do so. Any who can help raise money I applaud you. I will be posting a full explanation of a situation being imposed on us that challenges our ability to care for northern dogs shortly and there will be opportunies to become involved. The truth will be spoken loudly and those, accustomed to winning through petty bullying will be faced.

2018 is going to be a good year. I can feel it and intend to make it happen. Join me if you care to.