When I came home from the hospital after brain surgery two weeks ago, roofers were working on the house and four dogs were coughing due to a virus they all shared. My brain throbbed to the beats of thudding, scraping and banging. The anticipation of someone falling through the roof at any given moment heightened all sensations. I actually looked forward to the hum of the compressor to dull some of the more thunderous intrusions. If, in a moment of silence I began to drift into sleep, one of the dogs would hack and retch to clear their throat and I would be startled awake. Still, they were near and that comfort meant more to me than sleep. 
Obstacles are being overcome now though. The roofers are gone and the dog’s meds have kicked in. Still, life is fluid so another challenge has presented itself. I have just been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. This makes perfect sense after the stress of surgery of course. My throats hurts terribly and swallowing is almost impossible. It feels as if horseradish was stuffed down my throat and then soda water poured on top. The effervescent of this combo travels to my brain and explodes. My compromised immune system allowed thrush to take over and that is what I am suffering from now. Meds will help though and in a day or two I should be feeling some calm and peace. One's brain exploding can cause feelings of hostility and aggression believe me. Paul is reassured that all will soon be well as I am mobile and able to reach sharp and heavy objects. 
Ruth is my shining light of comfort and she soothes me. Lady Rose is slightly unnerved due my weakness and is willing me stronger. Trumpet is at the ready to share any opportunity of fun or glee and, quite frankly, I think Huck is just bored. Goliath, our Rotti cross rescue has an uncanny ability to know just when I need a hug and he will jump on top of me for massive cuddles. Will is on the bed with me and that is enough for him. 
My blessings are many and my gratitude abounds.