Several people have inquired as to how I am doing after recently announcing that I had a brain tumour so I felt a quick update was appropriate.

I just spent six days in St. Michaels Hospital awaiting surgery. I fasted twenty hours a day with an IV of saline solution attached to my arm because I had to be ready whenever the doctors were. Tests continued to be conducted and it was determined that the tumour is attached to the bone and muscle at my temple, my brain and right eye. This makes for a complicated surgery with more than one surgeon required. I need a neurosurgeon to operate on my brain and an ophthalmologist to operate on my eye. Because of this, time was needed to form the appropriate surgical team and for all to be available at the same time. 

So, surgery has been scheduled for May 15 and I am now at home awaiting that magical date. My headaches are gruesome at times, my vision is less than perfect and I now know far more than I wanted to about brain surgery and the recovery process. I may hide behind a mask for quite some time. 

My positive resolve has been shattered a few times and I was shaken more than once. Whenever I doubt myself though I think of the dogs and how they are able to live in the moment and not allow the possibility of future fears to cloud their minds. I strive to be as sensible and courageous as the dogs I have known.

I thank the many people who have reached out to me during this time and I want you to know that your kind thoughts do lift me up. I cannot fail with so many of you believing in me. I feel great gratitude.