I have written many triumphant stories about the dogs we have rescued over the years. How they have overcome hardships yet still hold hope and faith in their hearts. I greatly admire the brilliant spirit of these dogs and their ability to live in the moment regardless of what has come before and what may follow.  I have asked much of these dogs – to trust, to overcome and to believe. Not one of these dogs has ever let me down.

Now it is my turn to do what I have asked of them – to be the person they believe me to be. It has just been confirmed that I have a brain tumour and will need surgery to remove it. The mass is behind my right eye and is attached to my brain. No idea yet whether it is cancerous or not but I will deal with what I know, as I come to know it.

The procedure I require is only performed at Sunnybrook or St. Michaels hospitals in Toronto so I am waiting to hear from the neurosurgeons as to which centre can take me the soonest. Seems to be a sense of urgency amongst the doctors.

This is all rather daunting and I know much of my life will never be the same. I can’t know just when or how the changes will come but they will. In the meantime, every day is a good day and I refuse to give up one moment of joy with my family, friends and dogs. My hope is that when the worst comes I will possess the same grace and courage I have seen in the dogs when they were tested.

Our dog Trumpet has already shown that he is aware and ready to be called upon. Floyd paid $80 to rescue Trumpet when he found him chained out in the open, exposed to the hot sun and without water. The owners would only surrender him if they were paid to do so. Floyd has only ever bought three dogs over the years. Paul and I never even discussed keeping Trumpet, we just never let him go. I gave him his name because he looked like a jazz musician from New Orléans I thought.

In the five years we have had Trumpet I have never been in a vehicle with him. He goes in the car with Paul, but since he is shy and sometimes uncertain, he needs to be put on a lead, picked up and placed in the back. The day I left for my cat-scan, Trumpet would not come in the house when we called him. We offered the usual treats which have always been enticement enough but, this time, Trumpet didn’t respond. I went out to him and asked what he was doing. He looked at the back hatch of my car and when I opened it, he jumped in. He sat bolt upright as if to say he would not be budged. I closed the hatch and by the time I got in the car myself Trumpet was in the front seat beside me. We looked at one another and it was clear, Trumpet would be the one to get me through.

Moosonee Puppy Rescue is on hiatus right now. We have made arrangements for another organization to take dogs from Floyd in Attawapiskat and we have suspended all other activities. I very much hope this in temporary but whatever the case, the dogs in need will continue to be taken care of.

I know how many people have supported and believed in us over the years and I cannot express how much that means to me. I have been fortunate to have had such purpose in my life and to have shared it with so many good people. I am grateful.

I feel hopeful and intuitively feel I am not finished. For now though, I am stepping away. Sharron