Spring may be slow in coming and whining voices may be rising from northern Facebook pages again but life is grand with Jack. I’m falling behind in all I have to do but life is joyful with Jack. The damp weather causes migraines and my body aches but life is sweet with Jack.

Jack is a two-year-old Malamute cross who was raised in Attawapiskat for sledding purposes. He was supposed to be part of a team, a contributing member and a dog with a purpose – but he wasn’t. Jack failed sledding. This dog runs to his own drummer. He questioned why everyone was harnessed together when the independence of running free was so blissful. He couldn’t understand why they all went in the same direction when scattering allowed for random, fun filled chases. Jack was surrendered to us when it was determined he just could not conform.

He arrived here just in time. I needed to laugh and lighten up a bit. There is always much to worry about but Jack reminded me that living in the moment creates immediate joy and that looking backwards or too far forward can be harmful. He taught me that feelings of hope and gratitude make all things feel better and a strong sense of peace helps one to sleep soundly.   

The best part of Jack was his consideration. He spent quiet time next to Ruth because her ailments make moving about difficult so she mostly stays in one place. Jack kept her company so she would not be bored. Stillwater loves being outside no matter the weather and few will join her when it is damp or cold, but Jack did. He chased Trumpet around outside and, out of kindness to the more senior dog, pretended he couldn’t catch him. Jack made Huck believe he was still able to back up his tough guy bluff and bluster even though he wheezes slightly when he growls. On the bed, he made himself as small as possible so as not to unnerve Will who is afraid of big dogs he doesn’t know. Lady Rose flirted terribly with Jack and this young and handsome male flirted back despite the vast difference in their ages.

Jack sensed when I needed him. Sometimes he would bound up to make me laugh and other times he would quietly appear to comfort me. This dog banished worry, frustration and anger. He gave perspective to disappointment, fear and worry. Jack brightened every day.

Letting go of some dogs is harder than others and tears were shed over Jack’s goodbye. Still, I sent him off with sweetness and joy and a promise not to be forgotten.