The sun is setting just beyond the light trees my darling dog Trillium is buried under and another year has gone by. I am not inclined to wish a happy new year though. I know it is tradition, conditioning and habit but now, more than ever, it makes very little sense to me. I am not being pessimistic when I suggest we change our ways this year. When we speak or send wishes for a happy new year do we really expect anyone to truly have one?  Isn’t it rather vast and wide spanning? Even wishing for the best of the new year seems vague and perhaps even discouraging. It speaks to the unlikelihood of actual attainment. Some wish for health and prosperity but if the opposing challenges already exist, expecting otherwise is defeating. Too many people and creatures are struggling these days so bland and unlikely wishes are unfeeling I think.


I just think we could be more thoughtful in our well wishes. What if we wished for more kindness in the new year or ample fairness? We could send thoughts of hope and possibilities or offers of shared strength and belief. We could simply send good intentions.  


Maybe it is the year I have had that makes me think this way and of what I truly wish for others. Or maybe it is the harm and carelessness I see that makes me beg for genuine change. More than likely though, it is the urgings of all the dogs I know that tell me humankind must do better. We are settling they say and we should strive for betterment. They tell us not to look down or away but to look up and beyond. So, that is my wish for this new year. To look up and beyond, for who knows what wonder we will find there. Especially if we go together. We need to matter to one another and to make a difference. So say the dogs, and I believe them.