Don’t look away. This truly is the Christmas dog and she deserves her story to be told. She may have been shivering, starved and alone at one time but no longer. Donations made during this season of giving are for her care and she will receive all she needs and so sweetly deserves.  

She had lurked the streets of Attawapiskat for days before someone allowed her to stay in their yard and be fed as much as they were able to offer her. It wasn’t much but it was more than she seemed to have known in the past. The broken chain she dragged behind her made this clear. She had most likely been abandoned at the end of this chain without care or concern. Perhaps her people had moved or left town for a week or so but, whatever the case, this dog had been left to fend for herself in the harsh winter elements of Attawapiskat. How long had she sat, at the end of her chain, waiting and wondering? Northern dogs don’t accept defeat willingly though so she would have mustered the strength to break free and survive.

The person who found her posted notices but no one came for her. Finally, the Santa Claus of dogs was contacted and he gave her the gift all dogs deserve – the chance for a wonderful life. Both he and the police agreed this dog had been severely neglected so she was flown out to us.

I named her Foy because it means faith and hope and that is what she lived on for so long. She is now in foster care learning to trust and accept kindness. Foy needs a great deal of care but for now, it is enough that a dog named Bear is showing her the way. They share the sparkling lights of a Christmas tree with Bear on the couch and Foy on the floor nearby. It truly is a time of awe and delight for a Christmas dog named Foy.

Foy first Christmas.jpg