A new year has presented itself with new opportunities and possibilities. I long ago stopped expecting great change or betterment because a new had year rolled in though. The glitter ball in Times Square can drop to a frenzied countdown and people can gather to kiss and hug but still, just another day has gone by. I enjoy the ceremony of it all and always hold hope in my heart but I no longer have sudden expectations. 
Each year, day and moment is what we make it. The work, struggle, disappoint, promise and rewards remain and we work through them all - just as always. My attitude is not one of skepticism but one of acceptance. Contentment even. Maybe it is age, living in the bush or working with dogs but I like the balance and steadiness of simply living each day as it comes, no matter the date. 
Still, the festivities were lovely, the celebrations fun and the family gathering was wonderful. The diversion was delightful but still the dogs in need came and went. Four pups were placed, their mother is now being rehabilitated as she is wary and unsure, one dog learned to trust and found her home, another found love and acceptance and one more has began the journey to understanding. 
So, the decorations come down but all else remains. My hopes are the same as ever and my expectations haven't changed with the year's new number. Can we all do better? Will more people appreciate and respect more? Can common sense and reason ever prevail? Will genuine efforts and hard work be rewarded with results? I ask on behalf of all those who rescue animals, for those who support ones in need and for all who fight for fairness and understanding on their behalf. 
Maybe we should keep the sparkling lights up as a reminder to hope beyond hope and to try harder than ever before.