Five years ago I wanted a way to celebrate all the people that had adopted dogs from us over the years. Our adopters are a rare and wonderful group of people. The MPR northern dogs seem to seek each other out in dog parks and when the owners meet they often stay in touch for play dates. More than half of all who adopt from us stay in touch with me and I receive updates and photos as the dogs grow and become their best selves. 
Each adopter believes they got that one special dog when in truth,  every MPR dog possesses the magic and charm we all have come to love and admire so much. 
Now, imagine sixty to one hundred of them running and playing together with delightful abandon.
When I first conceived the idea of the reunion I confess to having some trepidation. Could I bring so many dogs together without issue? Would they blend and get along? We risked it and the result was remarkable. Not once, in four years, has there been an altercation. The dogs seem to understand that the day is all about them and they celebrate themselves. Litter mates are reunited, pups find their moms and dogs that shared the journey into rescue care meet again. Owners brag and experience a common ground that is more than rare these days. 
For Paul and I, it is a day of great gratitude.Continuing to share the lives of so many dogs we rescued is a gift and I thank all those who make it possible.