We are packed and almost ready to go. We booked our dog sitter two months ago, attempted to manage how many rescue dogs we would have at this time, hoped beyond hope not to have a pregnant dog in our care, bought The Lonely Planet book for New York and began worrying and questioning our judgement in thinking we could get away. Taking a break from rescue work is hard. 

So, after hosting the biggest dog party ever last Saturday we put our minds and efforts to our trip. Mid-way through my enthusiasm though I realized Thanksgiving dinner with the family was a mere five days after we returned. We began wonderful traditions when I was younger. Just serving turkey and home baked pies was not enough for me. Nor was collecting vintage turkey figurines to decorate the house with or setting a magnificent table. Once the grandchildren arrived we created the "Scary Bush Walk" so the kids could have fun outside in the afternoon before dinner. It was a great plan and wonderful thought - the first year. The kids were young enough to scare easily. Simply drinking a thick red substance from a bottle marked with spiders and tripping over a plastic severed arm was plenty. Each year we added more and now have bats on zip lines and an old abandoned truck back on our property decorated with a skeleton driver. But, the kids don't scare so easily any more so we have to up the production value as soon as we get back.

We placed two pups in their forever homes yesterday, an adult in foster care will be placed tomorrow and one other adult is on his home visit tonight in Barrie. My daughter is fostering the last of the rescue dogs and that takes care of them all. Quite an accomplishment.

As soon as I get over the extreme guilt of leaving Kit-and-caboodle at home I might be ready to leave the property. Kit is very attached to me and suffers terribly when I leave her. Still she will be in very good hands with Jeremy, the dog sitter, who is a dog whisperer in his own right but Kit is very little and she needs me. Paul says she will be just as little and needy when we return and that is hard to argue with. I have friends checking in on Kit and I know the adjustment will be good for her in the end but still, leaving her is hard.  

Yup, we're packed. And, as soon as we explain to our actual pack that they aren't coming with us we will be on our way. Ruth will be disappointed but will accept that we deserve the break, Huck will resent us for taking one without him, Trumpet will be giddy over the thought of hanging with Jeremy and his dog Petunia for a week, Stillwater will be content with her meds, Will is always confused but deep down he will be happy for us and Lady Rose won't even try to understand why anyone would leave here ever.

I hope we have thought of everything and that the worry and guilt wears off before we cross the U.S. border. Our hearts will be at home but our minds and bodies will be on vacation and we couldn't ask for more.