This weekend at Woofest, we will be launching our new "Do No Harm" T-shirts. This campaign began last fall after MPR was falsely accused of wrong doing. We learned first hand what a cyber bullying Facebook attack can do. I had never been on Facebook before and it was staggering to me how easy it was to mount a soap box of ignorance and hate. Mindless people jump on a band wagon and spew forth opinions and verdicts on issues they know absolutely nothing about. 
The attack lasted for months and caused our organization harm and it certainly wore me down emotionally. I was called a racist, a useless old woman and a dog thief. I was accused of running a puppy mill in Attawapiskat and a dog theft ring in Bracebridge. They contacted all the businesses that support our work and every person who mentioned MPR on Twitter. It spread like wild fire and the truth and lack of reason mattered not a bit. 
We weathered the storm because we are mature, intelligent and determined but I wondered how a young person could possibly withstand such an attack. Kids live on social media and cyber-bullying takes no skill, thought or validity. 
Being introduced to this whole new world where right does not triumph wrong and fairness has no place motivated us to create the "Do No Harm" campaign. The t-shirt reads: Own your words; speak or write wisely so as not to harm others. It is a simple concept of respect, responsibility and accountability. 
In addition to the t-shirts that were design by a wonderful graphic designer we have note pads, stickers and post cards. I especially love the idea of sending the postcards to friends and family thereby having the message, Do No Harm, out and about the universe. The proceeds from this campaign will go towards flight costs out of Attawapiskat. The airlines once flew the dogs out at no charge but since the poison was spread we now have to pay $180 for a puppy and $340 for an adult. We have continued to rescue as always though and simply paid the price. 
Please join us in our attempt to stand up against cyber-bullying and in support of the kids who are at the mercy of it.