Tears fall in the moments of sadness but they are not complete. Our minds will wander through memories and a single tear will fall again.

The life of a dog may end, but relationships shared with them cannot. Each dog I have loved has given me something I very much needed. My little dog Trillium, for example, centered me and gave me a sense of balance. I drew strength from her. Ruth is my guide and I find my way through her. She has a light about her that is both kind and generous. Stillwater is steadfast. She reminds me daily that, no matter the hardships you face, you can move forward with joy in your heart. Will is simply a fine example of bliss.

I have mourned the loss of each dog that has left me but since the death of Trillium in June, I have felt vague and slightly lost. I needed a tangible way to keep her with me. I had an abstract idea of what that meant so I went searching. Nothing I found seemed to do her, or my other dogs, justice though. She was more than a paw print or a single line of rhyming words.

I needed something beautiful and meaningful to honour the dogs but nothing grim. Their memories were to be comforting and pleasing.

I express what I feel for the dogs through my writing but now I needed to find a way to express their memories in a visual and tactile way.

It has taken some time but I have created what I needed for myself and what I hope others will find comfort in as well. The Silent Tear collection is a memorial to the dogs we have lost and honours their memory. Each piece represents the simplest of intentions and is a tribute to a life once shared. The wings of memories pieces send thoughts to those who are no longer with us. We may have let go, but we think of them often. 

 I hope the comfort I found can be shared with many others as well. The “Silent Tear” and Wings of Thought collections can be seen on this web site. Check the navigation bar at the top of each page to find them. To order, please email me at moosoneepuppyrescue@gmail.com.

We hope you will consider them for yourself or as gifts for those who are in need.