Happy thanksgiving. One of the best rewards for rescuing dogs comes at this time of year for us. Dogs that have often been confined, neglected or mistreated smell the crisp fall air, crunch through the fallen leaves and run with abandon on four acres of fenced in property. Even the most reserved dogs jump and bound through the bush. Some look back for permission to go further while others run wildly with uninterrupted glee. 
On entering the house, they are met with aromatic sensations they never could have dreamed of. Smells waft from the kitchen and the dogs gather round while I make pumpkin, apple and potato pies. We all share in the bounty of extra foods and treats and the rescue dogs are literally in awe of their good fortune. 
Our dogs generously share all that is offered and I sense their pleasure in doing so. 
This year it is Romeo, a Doodle that was surrendered to us and Charlie/Gatsby from Mexico who are adding to our Thanksgiving delight. 
I can't help but mark the passing of time too though. Stillwater won't see another Thanksgiving as her age is causing her to fail. We watch her closely waiting for her to let us know when it is time to let her go. We won't be selfish in asking for more than she can give with dignity. 
Still, fourteen Thanksgivings with rescue dogs is something to be most grateful for - and we are.