Cass is from Attawapiskat and she came down a few days ago to remind us just how fortunate we are to rescue dogs. Each new being brings hope, faith and a belief that life can be good if we just let it.

Our fourth annual reunion, held September 19th, was also a testament to rescue work. We see the dogs at the beginning of their journeys but the reunion allows us a glimpse into the happy lives they lead with their people. The stories told are about how much is shared, the relationships that have formed and what has been learned. We get to witness adoration, respect and gratitude..  

It rained yet again this year but that didn’t dampen spirits in the least. The dogs ran together and played as if they had been a huge pack for years. They seem to sense what they have in common and they celebrate it amongst themselves.  

The day was most rewarding and the enormous amount of support was greatly appreciated. The “Do No Harm” campaign was launched and the products were well received. We will be making them available on this web site soon.

We are currently living with ten adult dogs which makes life quite interesting. Angus is a young terrier who challenges Huck, the senior male of the pack, every now and again. He is foolish and awkward in his attempts but Huck stands tall to teach him his actual place within the ranks. Loxy is giddy and free now that her pups are weaned and she simply wants every dance at the palace ball. The glint of anticipation in her eyes demonstrates just how wonderful life can be if you simply have the right approach. Sahara was slightly overwhelmed as the pack numbers increased but she now appreciates not being the newest member of the group. She is enjoying the privileges that come with being dog number eight rather than ten. Ruth keeps to herself as much as possible, Will dodges the new big dogs at every opportunity, Trumpet sized them up and now joins their play, Stillwater continues to lie wherever she chooses and makes all other dogs walk around her while Lady Rose watches for any opportunity to correct behaviour or feel superior. We love our life but would also love a cleaning lady, a chef, some free time and a good night’s sleep. Still, the amount of love and devotion we receive daily makes up for absolutely everything else.

- Sharron