When you spend a great deal of time with dogs you come to realize the best parts of your life come in moments, not hours, days or years. I was upset the other day and became emotional. I stopped what I was doing and sat still, staring ahead. I was distracted from my thoughts when Ruth, my angel dog, walked into the room followed by Huck, my sweetly strange boy. They didn’t come too close or touch me but they did both settle down beside me. They had, of course, sensed my mood and come to comfort me with their mere presence as only a dog can. They have most likely done this many times before but I noticed this time. It was silent and effortless on their parts but my life seemed better in that moment.


I recently wrote the script for a movie that will be shown at our fundraiser June 18th. It is simple and short but it strings pertinent and poignant moments together for us to see. This is more than memories – it is a journey that took us places we never would have seen but for the dogs. Approximately 5,600 paws led the way through twelve years of awareness, confusion, disbelief, joy, satisfaction and accomplishment. I haven’t seen the completed movie yet but I know I will like it. Its creation caused me to pause long enough to allow the moments to accumulate and remind me of where I have been as well as where I am going.

Who knows which dogs will walk in the room next time I am need, we have eight after all. Could be any one of them because they all watch over me. Ruth and Huck offer the calm strength of silence but Will and Trumpet make me laugh. Stillwater brings the assurance of her kindness while Lady Rose reminds me of the yearlong endurance and patience I required in order to gentle her. Trillium will not tolerate self-pity as she is a puppy mill survivor who had her pups wrenched from her continuously so she demands I too be a warrior. Our newest pack member is Sahara and the grace with which she accepts and overcomes her seizures causes me to reach out for her with gentleness each time I see her. All eight of them share the story we attempt to tell in our little movie called Rescued: the personal journey of Moosonee Puppy Rescue.

We have room for only so many on June 18th and tickets will be sold at the door but I encourage anyone truly interested to reserve their tickets ahead of time. I want very much to share this moment with as many as possible.