We have been rescuing dogs now for twelve years and I had cause, the evening of June 18, to be reminded of just how fortunate we have been. In May 2003, I thought rescuing dogs would be a hobby Paul and I could share but, as I stood on the stage at our fundraising event, I was faced with supporters, volunteers and people who have come to appreciate our work through the dogs they have adopted from us. We were able to premiere a movie we had written about our journey, show a quick film made up of outtakes from a movie we provided seventeen pups for named Foxfire and another film of pictures of our dogs put to the rescue song written for us by Gord Kidd. The vet we work with in Toronto spoke on behalf of the MPR dogs he has as clients and how remarkable they are. Bissell Canada representatives were in attendance and provided amazing product bundles for our two raffles. They are partnering with us in support of our rescue work and have provided cleaning machines and products to all our foster homes as well as the two vet clinics that work with us.  

We can become so engrossed with the work at hand that we aren’t consciously aware of all that has been accomplished. It truly was when I stood on the stage to introduce each segment of the evening that I realized the monumental success we all shared. I was humbled, proud and most grateful.

The week before the fundraiser I stood near the runway at the Muskoka Airport and watched as three planes, one with our logo on the side, lined up for takeoff and I cried. The emotion of knowing the planes were headed to Attawapiskat, carrying a vet team that would care for the dogs, was suddenly overwhelming to me. I hadn’t expected to feel this way. The logistics and expense of putting a clinic together are enormous and all consuming. Just as with the fundraiser, I only realized the impact of all we had accomplished once I saw it in action.

We raised the money we needed to at the fundraiser and the spay/neuter clinic was our most successful to date. Fifty dogs were altered and the community of Attawapiskat participated as never before. Three adult dogs were brought back with the team along with two puppies. (We will be creating a separate page for the Clinics as soon as time allows).

I simply want to say how happy, proud and grateful I feel and even though we have a handful of people who stalk us online for the sheer purpose of finding fault and making false accusations, nothing can compare to the job I know has been well done.