Times are good and bad right now but the dogs are making it very easy for me to focus on the positive by bringing so much new life into our home and rescue organization. Maire, a dog in Floyd’s care in Attawapiskat gave birth to five pups and she and her litter are now warm and safe in a foster home down the road from us.

Poet, the little red haired dog we took in a few weeks ago had seven pups on March 8th and a lovely white dog named Amzie gave birth to seven pups today in her foster home in Timmins. Today a very pregnant little husky named Wenn arrived here and she is due any day. Whelping boxes abound but so do goodwill, peace and harmony.

The hard times are a separate story and I will write about the loss of one of our family’s dogs named Grace when I can better tell the tale of her being the first dog I rescued and how she led to all the others.

A dear friend and loyal volunteer with Moosonee Puppy Rescue lost her husband yesterday and while the end of his suffering is a relief we are all off balance just a bit because of it.

Still, the full force of life surrounds us, as does the promise it brings with it. To know we have saved so many puppies from being born in the ice and snow up north is a wonderful thing and that will always be enough to welcome each new day with hope and gratitude.

- Sharron