This New Year's Eve feels different than many that have come before. For some reason, it seems filled with fresh air and openness. I am breathing deeply and without concern or worries and I am excited by what I believe will be a year filled with learning, understanding and deeper awareness.

When MPR began Paul and I thought it would be a hobby for us in retirement - nothing more. The name we chose reflects that and came about when we had to write the first adoption papers for a pup we were placing. It was simple enough at the time - we were working with Moosonee, we were placing a puppy and it had been rescued - hence the name Moosonee Puppy Rescue. We thought no further than that and certainly had no idea just what an organization we would become. It has been twelve years since that naive day and over 1,400 dogs needing adoption papers. 

I admit to getting a bit lost in the constant pace and vast number of dogs we rescued over the last few years. While still loving what we did it had become somewhat of a grind that filled almost every hour of every day. Our first decade of rescue work was fulfilling but also exhausting. 

Taking time to think has been a gift we gave ourselves. We have been able to attend more to our own lives and to feel present again within our family. We spent years falling behind and feared never catching up. The worth of the situation never escaped us but still we were overwhelmed. We have looked carefully at the twelve year journey the dogs have led us on and we feel both accomplished and amazed. We are humbled by all the dogs have taught us. 

Still, the promise I feel at the threshold of this New Year comes, not just from the dogs, but through some remarkable people we have met recently. They are accomplished and willing to share knowledge and we are all open to learning more. Those who have stood tall and true with us for years share the hope we feel for the future and there is unity in our intentions. 

The Light Tree of Hope stands just outside our front door and welcomes every dog that comes to us. It now also leads us forward in a way it never has before. Enough cannot be said for feeling both inspired and hopeful in the midst of a long journey you now wish to continue.

I wish you all a happy new year and for those who struggle I hope you find strength and determination through the love of a dog as we have.  Take good care and do no harm.