It is Christmas Eve and I have stolen a moment to reflect on all the messages we have received over the last few weeks. Like Dexter above, many of the dogs we have placed will be celebrating Christmas with families who adore and appreciate them. Though they try valiantly, people cannot find the words adequate enough to  express just what their dogs have added to their lives. They tell us of connections more profound than anything imaginable and lessons learned that have changed lives. We hear about emotions people often feel uncomfortable sharing, but in the case of their dogs they must speak of the tenderness,  joy, delight and deep love felt. We understand it all of course and there is no greater gift than knowing the small part we played in matching dogs with humans and needs with fulfillment.

We have been told too of dogs that have passed and while the sadness felt is enormous, we must also acknowledge the blessing of knowing each one as well. To me, there is comfort in knowing we can honour each dog we have loved and lost by offering another one a home - certainly there are many still in need.

Dogs carry festive feelings in their hearts year round so this season of joy must make perfect sense to them. A lit tree of beauty, the comfort of a Christmas feast, the thoughtfulness of gifts given and shared speak to the hope, faith, belief and joy  a dog knows always.  

So, however you celebrate this season of care, we wish you the delight of knowing, loving and honouring a dog - both past and present. We are grateful to have known so many and to share with  those who have found their best friends through Moosonee Puppy Rescue. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good dog.