Rejuvenation comes when least expected and perhaps when most needed it seems. We were prepared to rest for a while - step away from the madness of people and collect our thoughts so to speak. To think only of our dogs and life with them would be enough for a while we thought. Our commitment and determination had not diminished but our belief in others had to some degree.

The change began with Sammy, a chocolate lab from Attawapiskat and continued with Yule and Tide from northern Quebec. Rusty and Dawn, two Labradoodles whose owners died causing them to be left alone in the house for just over a week, reminded us just what it means to be there when a dog truly needs you. When the call came about Lava, a Flat Coat Retriever and her pups, the eagerness we felt told the rest of the story.  Because we were working with people from other rescue organizations that were committed, decent and accomplished, the feelings surrounding everything we did were wonderful. We were introduced to an entire network of  people who cared more about the dogs and the task at hand than they did their own egos or agendas and it was energizing. 

Our bones are still weary and we need more sleep but the rejuvenation of purpose makes all worthwhile. We have come to an arrangement with our own dogs that accommodates their need for a calm and private space and we spend our special time with them still.  

The true joy and glee we now feel is expressed through the deep sighs of Lava's pups and the satisfaction everyone involved shares in getting them to safety. It is in the teamwork and partnerships shared - the common goal of work well done. After thirteen years of rescue work we are grateful for the connections we are making and the possibilities they can lead us to. How many more dogs can be saved and how many more treated medically through clinics and supplies sent where they are needed.  When one door closes or becomes too heavy, another does indeed swing open.

We have received many donations accompanied by great encouragement and our product line has sold well which demonstrates support for who we are. We appreciate it all greatly. 

The new year will combine the best of what we have been and the best of what we can be and nothing could be more exciting than that.  The dogs will benefit more than they ever have because each rescue effort  will begin with positive people and be completed with positive results. What a wonderful world this can be.