We just received two dogs from northern Quebec and since this was our first rescue from the area I wondered just who these siblings would be. Would they share the wonderful dispositions and temperaments of the Ontario dogs and would they possess the same hopeful spirits? I believe we are sent the dogs we need so I was open to the lessons they would teach and eager to meet them both. We have had "wildish" dogs arrive to teach me patience, wary dogs came that required calm and old soul dogs showed up when I needed to be shown the way. 

Anticipation caused me to consider what the dog's first impressions would be so I walked down the road that leads to our house and took a picture of what they would first see on arrival. The snow had just fallen as if in welcome of these two northern dogs. At the foot of the road was where their rescue journey would end and their new lives begin, just as it had for all the dogs that had come before them.  

For the first time ever, we were involved with Freedom Drivers who relayed the dogs from Montreal to Bracebridge. We were already picking up two dogs from Attawapiskat in North Bay and meeting a foster in Barrie on the same day so having the assistance of the Freedom Drivers was wonderful. Partnering with Sarah Saintsbury in Quebec and others who care so much and do so well has been an uplifting experience.

The Quebec dogs arrived here at 9 pm so we met in the dark. They had apparently been great travelers and as it turned out were even better guests. The male shared his heart immediately and the female her gentle affection. Brother and sister did a dance of unison between two bowls of food - both eating out of one before moving to the next to share. One would come to the chair where I was sitting to rest their head on my knee and the other would follow.  They are much like their Ontario kin but have an open purity and innocence that is unique to them. They give the impression that they expect only goodness in life. There is still much to learn but the possibilities these dogs bring with them are very exciting and what a wonderful time of year to celebrate that. 

Sammy, a Chocolate Lab, and Nalia a Shepherd cross pup arrived the same day as the Quebec siblings. They are both from Attawapiskat I am glad to say and we have Floyd to thank for that. Sammy is four years old and he is blind in one eye and suffered from rickets as a young dog. He has endured a lot in his short life but his heart knows only love. Nalia is just seven weeks old and her exuberance and glee are delightful. Her happiness is contagious and she holds hope and faith in her heart.

The bottom of our snow covered road ends the journey of rescue for these dogs and begins a new and wonderful way of life. We are grateful to share in all we do.