Glimmer the  injured pup enroute.jpg

Glimmer came down from Attawapiskat after being intentionally injured by two young boys. He had been wandering the streets on his own and rather than picking up the orphan pup to cuddle or reassure him they yanked and twisted his back left leg instead. The boys ran away laughing while the pup lay screaming in shock and pain. A witness ran to the nine week old puppy and attempted to find his owners by going door to door. No one claimed him or knew where he had come from though so we were contacted. He was flown out immediately and taken to our vet. Even while being poked and prodded he wagged his tail. It was only when the vet touched the injured area was there a scream and then the tail wagging and face kissing resumed. We named him Glimmer because of the hope he still held in his heart.

Glimmer has a spiral fracture of his upper leg that travels into his hip. It is impossible to put a cast on the leg because of the location of the break so he must be crated for six weeks in the hope that the injury will not worsen. If it does, Glimmer will require serious and invasive surgery. The vets literally groaned when they realized the care he would require as they knew just how bad I am at keeping a dog crated day in and day out - especially a nine week old pup. I appreciate the need and seriousness of the situation but having a dog feel he or she is being neglected, left out or ignored by spending all it's time in a crate torments me. We break up Glimmer's day by carrying him around but so far having him rest beside us on the couch or in our laps is not working as he tries to jump down to explore. 

Glimmer is a wonderful reminder of just how the spirit can overcome almost all else and even though we are on a break who doesn't appreciate that message being put right in front of them. He will be our Christmas pup of hope.

Another pup is expected to be flown out of Attawapiskat along with a chocolate lab today and while we are happy to respond when needed it has become more difficult to do so. We now have to pay full price for the dogs to be flown out whereas before August 2015 the airlines worked with us to help the dogs. We have heard too that people in the community who have litters from their dogs are now unwilling to save them by sending them out because they have been convinced that we are profiting by taking them. Our rescue worker Floyd has explained that our overall costs far exceed any adoption fees charged but a few people in the community have claimed otherwise. It is so sad that the Barrie rescue organization and others behind the summer bullying campaign have harmed the dogs to this extent. MPR is looking to other communities that are eager to have our assistance but the dogs of Attawapiskat will suffer again I am afraid. We will continue to do what we can and the "Do No Harm" products and donations go to paying the high airfares we are now charged.

MPR has much to celebrate because we have been rejuvenated by change and we are facing many new and exciting possibilities. We are partnering with other rescue groups and entering new areas. As always, we look forward to the dogs we are about to meet and know.

My thanks to all who care. Sharron