The year 2015 has begun and the dogs are all full of glee. The light tree we keep up year round represents their hope and faith and while it is almost completely covered in snow it still stands for all we believe in. 

We received an adult female named Connie who waited a very long time to come down to us and several pups as well. The assortments are getting more and more interesting. We now have a Boxer/Lab cross thanks to a contractor who took his Boxer to Attawapiskat for a few months and allowed her to breed with a Husky/Lab cross. Daphne is now six months old and I must say she is one of the sweetest, smartest and affectionate dogs we have ever had. Janny is a Pug/Lab cross and is a bundle of love and enthusiasm. She is full of confidence and nearly bursts every morning when she realizes there is a brand new day dawning. Midnight is clearly a Shepherd cross but we can only guess from her size that she met a Corgi cross somewhere. She has one blue eye and one brown and she is an old soul. She seems to possess a wisdom that guides her smoothly through life and brings her an inner contentment. She is wonderful to be near. Champagne is five months old and she is a little lady. We can see Retriever in her but she seems on the small size so who knows what she is blended with. It matters not a bit to her though as she is a darling girl who thinks only happy thoughts.


We also have a litter of four who are part Shepherd, part Husky and part Retriever. Darling dogs all even though their mother was nervous and taught them to be wary as well. They are receiving wonderful care and encouragement from their foster family though and getting braver and bolder by the day. We had their uncle Boyce here in the summer so we know they will come around to be fabulous dogs just like him. 

We have yet another Chocolate Lab from the great breeding fiasco in Attawapiskat and he is about eighteen months old. Just like the others, he has a huge heart that beats for everyone he loves.

What with all the snow, the pups, family and life we are very busy and I am still slower than I would like to be after knee surgery in October. Still, our hearts are in what we do and all the pups and dogs will find warm, loving and appreciative homes in time. I thank everyone who sends their well wishes and kind thoughts and together I know we can make 2015 a kind and caring year. 

- Sharron