Yet another dog who had been hit by a car came down to us from Attawapiskat yesterday. His leg is broken and he will be in a cast for a few months. I am always relieved when a dog doesn't have to lose it's leg entirely so we are happy with a cast and having Gallant with us for Christmas. We never base a decision on money so each dog in need is attended to and gets the treatment he or she requires. We are grateful to all our supporters for helping to make that possible. Gallant is a darling boy and while it was very hard for his owner's to give him up they know they did the right thing for him.

The "Winter Dogs" fund-raiser was very successful and having Gord Kidd sing the Rescue Song he wrote for us made the afternoon absolutely perfect. He has cut a CD that includes the Rescue Song and a portion of the proceeds has being donated to Moosonee Puppy Rescue. If you are interested in purchasing the CD I recommend you do so as it will only brighten your spirits and remind you why so much in life matters. You can order through or 50/ . The Cd costs $20 and is titled "From One Soul to Another" and it truly is. My thanks to Gord and his wonderful wife Kathryn who love and adore the three dogs they rescued through us.

Chef David Friesen from Riverwalk Restaurant in Bracebridge was our host and he once again out did himself with the food he prepared as well as the warm welcome he offered to all who support the dogs we rescue and love. I will never find the words to thank the many volunteers who stepped up to make the event happen but the dogs know and with that you are blessed.

I continue to improve and am now walking on my own for the most part. It is difficult to navigate my way through seven dogs who are anxious to share their love while balancing without the aid of a cane or walker but Ruth, Huck, Trillium, Lady Rose, Stillwater, Will and Trumpet motivate me with their northern spirits so that I keep on trying.

We have six pups with us now, five in rescue care in Timmins and twelve in rescue care in Matheson. One adult female arrived Wednesday and we expect another lovely lady on Sunday. We will certainly have a very merry Christmas and if you would like one too then we are willing to share so please watch the web site and Petfinder to see the dogs and read their stories as I hope to get them all posted as soon as possible. Perhaps spending the festive season with a dog will remind us to care for others, respect the work they do and appreciate where their hearts lie as many people seem to need that reminder these days. We have recently been touched by the pettiness of others who would like to threaten the work we do so it is my wish for Christmas that these misguided people find joy again in the work they do as well. I know I have glee in abundance working with these remarkable northern dogs and nothing will change that.

- Sharron