We have seven dogs of our own in total. They all came to us for a reason - either they needed us or we needed them. Ruth came to me ten years ago when I was very ill and spent most of my days in bed. Even though Ruth was just three months old and her sister and other pups played downstairs, Ruth chose to stay on the bed with me. Each time she rested her head gently on my shoulder I was able to fall asleep. The health scare of ten years ago turned out to be false but Ruth and I were joined in a way that only we could truly appreciate.

Once again, Ruth has been by my side and comforted me through the recovery and pain of my knee surgery. When her head rests on my shoulder I once again relax, give into the pain and sleep as only a woman with a guardian angel watching over her can.

I thank all of you who sent cards and well wishes and just knowing how many people were thinking of me helped greatly. I was not awake through the surgery as I was told I might be and that was an enormous relief but the fire alarm did go off as I walked, pushing my IV pole, to the operating room. Not an especially good omen for things to come. A student nurse forgot to give me my pain meds throughout the first night after surgery so when the pain block wore off I felt as if I had been thrown under a subway car and could feel it running over my leg. The pain was immense and the first rule of recovery was broken - to stay ahead of the pain. I channeled many dogs that day as I remembered the ones who had suffered terribly but still remained stoic and courageous. I failed miserably at emulating them but just thinking of all the dogs we have known and saved was soothing and distracting. I am well on my way to recovery now though and while I am greatly limited in what I can do I will still stand at the upcoming "Winter Dogs" fund-raiser and speak on the dogs behalf once again. It will be a great day and I hope to see many, many people there.  


We have five pups with us now (Degrees, shown here) and twenty-one more are expected to come down as soon as we have room for them. There are two young adult females waiting as well. Please keep watching our web site and Petfinder as I will post them and tell their stories as soon as I can. Winter is harsh up north and while the dogs are prepared to suffer through the elements I am not willing to extend their stay a day longer than necessary.

- Sharron