Our puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again...

Here are pictures and names of our adoptable dogs and their status is kept up to date.

Please email us at if you require more information. We receive pups and dogs regularly so please keep watching in anticipation...

My thanks for your interest in our remarkable dogs - Sharron

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Tria is one year old and she arrived from Mexico with her sister Speckle. She was born at the shelter in San Miguel and has been a happy girl since the day of her birth. She has only known love and care and it shows in just what a happy dog she is.

Tria loves life and she is eager to please. She gets along with all people and dogs and wants only the best for everyone. Whether she is chasing a ball or sharing affection she is gentle, sweet and caring.

Tria is pure sunshine and her good humour and bright outlook will enhance the lives of all who know her. 



Sparky is from Mexico and he is pure delight. His 18-pound spirit adds sunshine to a gloomy day, rain to an arid garden and sparkle to the darkest of times. This little boy is just a year and a half old and he has spent every moment of every day filling himself with joy.

Everyone loves Sparky and he loves them. He is affectionate, loves to engage and interact in play and is hopeful that he will make each day better than the one before for those he loves. 

Don't know how he is with cats but my guess is that he will learn to be whatever one wants and needs him to be. He is most agreeable, gentle, kind, considerate and enlightened.

Sparky is nuetered and up to date with all shots. 




Speckle is one year old and she arrived from Mexico with her sister Tria. She was born at the shelter in San Miguel and has been a happy girl since the day of her birth. She has only known love and care and it shows in just what a happy dog she is.

All the staff loved her gentle ways and appreciated how willing she was to be devoted. Speckle is a humble dog who will only ever appreciate all that is done for her in life.

Speckle loves all things and while it will take her a bit of time to adjust to her new environment her hope, faith and glee will shine through. This dog is simply lovely and she has no idea what awaits her in the way of new chances and opportunities.Since her sister Tia was adopted, Speckle is a little unnerved and unsure. Her last thoughts at night are wishes for someone to love her enough to teach her to be strong, bold and confident. We really shouldn't make her wait to0 long. She will be grateful every step of the way.

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Casper is from Mexico and he is just six months old. Every bit of his fourteen-pound body is filled with joy, glee and expectations. He is ready for the life he was meant to have and knows it is just around the corner.

Casper is a proud little boy and while his happiness abounds he has a serious side as well. He will protect those he loves and will walk first into any doorway to ensure it is safe for others to follow. He is a Terrier so his heart beats strong and his courage is bold. Still, he loves to cuddle and he returns all affection generously.

He has spirit but is also gentle and calm. Casper has a sense of humour which is why I think he fits in with all our dogs, big and small, so well. He will love children but I have no idea how he will be with cats. My best guess is that he and a cat would negotiate an agreement of mutual respect and cooperation.

Casper is confident and caring and more than ready to begin his life of peace, love and understanding.




Trooper is from Attawapiskat and she is five years old. This lovely girl owes a great deal to our rescue worker in Attawapiskat. She was unsure, confused and wary but Floyd saw deep into her soul and saw her worth. He was determined to save her no matter how long it took to gain her trust.

She lingered near his house, just outside the yard, for months, because her adult daughter Sophie was there. Over time, she drew closer and closer until Floyd could touch her and stroke her face. When Trooper became pregnant with, what was most likely her sixth litter of pups, she entered the yard and became a grateful resident.

Trooper's pups are now four weeks old and she is almost ready to let them go. Her daughter Sophie is still in Attawapiskat waiting to come out so it is the time of reckoning for Trooper. The life she was meant to have can now begin. She is shy but has overcome her mistrust and wariness. She will need a home where she is given time to settle and is both understood       and appreciated. The first picture of Trooper was taken in Attawapiskat.



Matilda is from Mexico and she is three years old. This gentle and darling girl has known some harshness as she was found wandering on her own and suffering from a terrible case of mange. Still, she trusts and believes in a better tomorrow while also remembering a life before. She shows great gratitude to all who love her and she appreciates how far they have taken her.

Matilda loves her cuddles and stays in my arms quite contentedly whenever I need some loving. She is both a soft and mighty girl. She shows her determination and enthusiasm when on walks or rough housing with other dogs. She is kind but not frail.

Matilda deserves a home where she is both cherished and appreciated. She should be someone’s constant companion because she has so much to share and give. She is simply a delight.