Our puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again...

Here are pictures and names of our adoptable dogs and their status is kept up to date.

Please email us at if you require more information. We receive pups and dogs regularly so please keep watching in anticipation...

My thanks for your interest in our remarkable dogs - Sharron



Luba is a three-year-old, spayed French Bulldog and she is a gift. She was surrendered to us because she could no longer be cared for by her owner and she needed veterinary attention. She has some lameness in her back leg and we were originally told it was because she had hip dysplasia. This, however, is not the case. Some time ago she apparently suffered an injury to her spine and since it went untreated, it worsened over the years. Recent x-rays show some nerve damage but nothing that requires surgery. She felt slight discomfort when the vet manipulated her hips and spine but nothing that even warranted a whimper or yelp from this stoic little girl. Still, because she is so young with much to do, we are giving her pain meds to better aid ease of movement and this practice should continue once she is adopted. Fortunately, little expense is involved.

Luba has plans and intentions. She has been terribly underestimated and spent her days alone in a pen, sitting on newspaper, wondering when her turn would come. I am sure this determined little dog would have imagined herself dancing with grace and moving through life with dignity. She is actually able to do much more than was thought or permitted in her previous life. Luba runs with another dog in our care and both her back legs work when she does. She plays happily with kids and dogs and isn’t threatened by them. She will stand on her back legs and gently place her front paws on my knee for a hug and cuddle and she manages to slither off the couch with care so as not to land abruptly on her face. This determined little dog has learned how to compensate for the weakness in her back legs. She is smart, listens well and very much wants to please. Luba does need to be carried up and down the stairs but I find the moments I hold her and feel her heart beating against mine are the best of my day. Carpeting or mats will certainly help her to navigate any space and allow her to follow those she loves about dotingly.

Luba is a gift. She will be loving, loyal and devoted to anyone who gives her the chance and her sense of humour will brighten every day. Life is not to be wasted and this little Bulldog has much to teach us all about living boldly and with intention.

Danny profile 1.JPG


Danny boy has been our well-kept secret. He arrived from some magical place we do not know, but want very much to travel to. It just doesn’t seem possible that he is from this world. The sparkle, glee and sense of delight this dog possesses could light the world if only we could plug him in and trust others to genuinely appreciate him.

In truth, Danny is from Attawapiskat and he was sent to us after being hit by a truck. Fortunately, he wasn’t damaged and it is entirely possible he staged the whole thing just so he could fly in a plane. We have had him checked from head to paws by our vets and he is free of harm. This boy is an eighteen-month-old Shepherd cross and his handsome beauty does not come through in photographs I am afraid. We had him neutered so he has lived with us and our pack for a month now and we adore him. Danny plays with Will, our neurologically challenged Shih Tzu, and lets him think he is smarter, tougher and braver than he. A more thoughtful, considerate, kind boy cannot be found. He loves being included so enjoys car rides, walks in the snow and naps in the afternoon. Danny Boy just wants to belong so he doesn’t venture far and comes eagerly when called.  

There are times when Danny finds his glee hard to contain. He becomes exuberantly happy and gives excitable hugs and kisses while placing his paws on my chest. He remains gentle and takes correction well though so even his poor habits and manners are enjoyable. It is hard not to be happy around him and he makes us laugh regularly with his delightful suggestions on how to spend the day.  

Danny loves everyone and everyone will love Danny. It saddens me that we have to part but Danny needs his own person or family to love. He will be game for anything asked of him whether it be hiking, watching baseball games or sleeping soothingly beside a bed until a young one falls asleep.

Danny Boy is no longer a secret but he remains quite magical.



Guy flirting.JPG

GUY has been ADOPTED

Guy is quite a clever boy. He always felt he was meant for something great and wonderful so when he was put on a plane to be flown out of Attawapiskat he knew his life had truly begun. He is about four months old, sleeps through the night and is mostly house trained. He sleeps in a crate and plays with big dogs that are teaching him how to be a proud and noble northern dog. Guy does flirt a little but that is only because he is handsome, confident and full of good intentions. He loves all things and looks for adventure around every corner. If it doesn’t come to him, he goes to it. He is one happy little boy.

valentine 3.jpg


Casper is from Mexico and he is just six months old. Every bit of his fourteen-pound body is filled with joy, glee and expectations. He is ready for the life he was meant to have and knows it is just around the corner.

Casper is a proud little boy and while his happiness abounds he has a serious side as well. He will protect those he loves and will walk first into any doorway to ensure it is safe for others to follow. He is a Terrier so his heart beats strong and his courage is bold. Still, he loves to cuddle and he returns all affection generously.

He has spirit but is also gentle and calm. Casper has a sense of humour which is why I think he fits in with all our dogs, big and small, so well. He will love children but I have no idea how he will be with cats. My best guess is that he and a cat would negotiate an agreement of mutual respect and cooperation.

Casper is confident and caring and more than ready to begin his life of peace, love and understanding.




Trooper is from Attawapiskat and she is five years old. This lovely girl owes a great deal to our rescue worker in Attawapiskat. She was unsure, confused and wary but Floyd saw deep into her soul and saw her worth. He was determined to save her no matter how long it took to gain her trust.

She lingered near his house, just outside the yard, for months, because her adult daughter Sophie was there. Over time, she drew closer and closer until Floyd could touch her and stroke her face. When Trooper became pregnant with, what was most likely her sixth litter of pups, she entered the yard and became a grateful resident.

Trooper's pups are now four weeks old and she is almost ready to let them go. Her daughter Sophie is still in Attawapiskat waiting to come out so it is the time of reckoning for Trooper. The life she was meant to have can now begin. She is shy but has overcome her mistrust and wariness. She will need a home where she is given time to settle and is both understood       and appreciated. The first picture of Trooper was taken in Attawapiskat.



Matilda is from Mexico and she is three years old. This gentle and darling girl has known some harshness as she was found wandering on her own and suffering from a terrible case of mange. Still, she trusts and believes in a better tomorrow while also remembering a life before. She shows great gratitude to all who love her and she appreciates how far they have taken her.

Matilda loves her cuddles and stays in my arms quite contentedly whenever I need some loving. She is both a soft and mighty girl. She shows her determination and enthusiasm when on walks or rough housing with other dogs. She is kind but not frail.

Matilda deserves a home where she is both cherished and appreciated. She should be someone’s constant companion because she has so much to share and give. She is simply a delight.