Our puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again...

Here are pictures and names of our adoptable dogs and their status is kept up to date.

Please email us at if you require more information. We receive pups and dogs regularly so please keep watching in anticipation...

My thanks for your interest in our remarkable dogs - Sharron

Pitch sitting up.jpg


ADOPTED Pitch is a funny little thing, but only because she had to be. Very little, if anything, taught her that life can be good. That each day can bring love, care and hope.  

Pitch is from Attawapiskat and Floyd, our rescue worker up there, bought her from her owners for $100. It was the only way she would have a chance. I don’t think anyone was mean to her, but no one was especially kind either. She is very agreeable but doesn’t understand what it is to be wanted. She doesn’t impose herself on anything or anyone because she doesn’t expect to be included. Pitch doesn’t even understand having a name, because no one ever called her. This little girl simply accepted the nothingness of her life.

I named her Pitch because she just seemed to be tossed our way. She came willingly but with the resigned expectation of striking out. She doesn’t yet know how vast the field of possibilities is or how many players there are in the game who will love her. Pitch needs a coach.

When she arrived, I held her close but she couldn’t feel my touch. The horrendous mats in her coat prevented her from knowing the tenderness I was offering. I softly whispered in her ear and hoped she understood my promises of kindness. 

 Pitch lives in the house with us and, on first greeting, she let the other dogs know she wasn’t to be underestimated. She must have had to defend herself many times up north. Our dogs accepted the sad state of this little dog and respected her boundaries. Tom, a fellow rescue dog from Attawapiskat, attempted to cheer her up but to no avail. They all live in harmony now but Pitch keeps to herself. She watches the happenings of life from the comfort of a dog bed though and her interest is growing. She will join in soon enough.

We think Pitch is about three years old and a Lhasa Apso cross. She isn’t housetrained because she doesn’t want to leave the house. She won’t risk not being allowed back in, so we carry her out and she does what is expected. She will do it all on her own once she knows she belongs.  

Belonging is the priority for Pitch right now so we are eager to find her a home. Once she understands what love is, she will thrive. There is nothing nervous or nasty about this dog, she just doesn’t know all that life offers. She has learned to be independent and take care of herself but she deserves so much more. Given the chance, Pitch will make a most grateful companion.



Tom sitting.jpg

Tom has been ADOPED

ADOPTED Tom came to us very much in need as he had been hit by a truck in Attawapiskat. His leg was broken but because he was just five months old it couldn't be repaired surgically. His bones were still growing so a plate, to strengthen the leg, wasn't possible. We were given the choice of amputation or six weeks complete crate rest. We chose the latter and began the task of keeping a five-month-old pup still.

Tom's most recent set of x-rays show scar tissue supporting and mending the break and the breeze, as Tom runs past, shows he is able bodied and strong. Tom has recovered completely and, as any northern dog would, he is trying to make up for lost time. He loves being outside and runs through the bush with complete abandon.

Tom is the happiest of dogs and his spirit lights the way to wondrous possibilities.

Because he had a hard, isolated and lonely beginning, we want him placed in a home where someone is with him most of the day. He deserves the attention and companionship. Tom would do especially well with children who are old enough to play, run and chase with him. He is active and exuberantly happy.




Tammy has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED Tammy came down from Attawapiskat to be reunited with her brother Cook. Initially, we thought they were orphan pups but then received information that they were litter mates. The pups knew it on sight. 
Tammy is ten weeks old and she is a delight. She thinks only joyful thoughts and wants happiness for the world. I don't dare tell her just how big a task that would be because I don't want to dim her spirits or sense of hope.  She will spend her life trying to bring goodness into the lives of everyone she knows though. 
Tammy loves to run, play and be cuddled and she especially loves the company of other dogs. This little girl will brighten every day she shares with another and it is our good fortune to know her.


Flash has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED Flash is nine weeks old and he came down from Attawapiskat with his mother and siblings. He earned his name by being so dashing and handsome. His golden good looks shine when the sun hits him and he smiles when it does. He is a darling boy who wishes for world peace and goodwill to all. He, of course, has no idea just how big the world is since he runs on only four fenced acres of it but it is what is in his heart that matters most. 

Flash will be a large sized northern dog and is a shepherd cross. 



Gordon has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED Gordon is nine weeks old and he came down from Attawapiskat with his mother and siblings. He loves his mom but is learning to be brave and bold as he grows into a big boy. His brothers sometimes make fun of him because he spends so much time with his sister but Gordon doesn't mind. He is proud to be sensitive and caring. Gordon is a happy boy who just wants to love and be loved back.

He is a shepherd cross and will be a large, gentle northern dog.


Dylan has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED Dylan is nine weeks old and he came down from Attawapiskat with his mother and siblings. He thinks a lot and likes to figure things out. So far, not all of life makes sense to him but he is happy and loved so he won't ask for more.  His mom says he will understand more as he gets older. Dylan just wants to be the best dog he can be so he works at it every day and looks forward to being big and smart like his mom.

Dylan is a shepherd cross and he will be a large, intelligent northern dog.