Often the pups we receive are three to four week old orphans.

Rarely do we get a dog over five years of age because they often don’t survive the harsh conditions in which they live.

People will move and leave their dogs behind so we get them after they have fended for themselves on the streets, hungry and confused, for some time.
There are many breeds, in addition to Huskies, up north. We rescue Retrievers, Collies, Shepherds, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Jack Russells, Labs and more. Most are mixes but some are not.
Some of the puppies live in our house with us so that we can socialize them and teach them to trust. Other pups live in a one-room cabin we built just for them. It has a wood stove and doggy doors leading to a fenced in area. All pups get time each day to run the bush and there is nothing quite like watching nine or so pups run from behind trees or on top of rocks come when called.
We often receive pregnant females or moms with their pups so the cabin works especially well for them. Mom can be in with her babies or easily jump the gate for a run in the bush as we are fenced on four acres. We have had occasions though when there were whelping boxes in both my office and laundry room within the house, at the same time. We accommodate the dogs any way we can.
The older pups and adult dogs become part of our pack and Huck, Ruth, Lady Rose, Trillium, Will, Trumpet and Stillwater teach them manners and respect. Pack therapy will do more than we ever could as humans.
All the dogs gain confidence quickly and they somehow remain hopeful even after the hardships they may have known.

Our puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again...

Below are pictures and names of our adoptable dogs and their status is kept up to date.
Please email us if you require more information. We receive pups and dogs regularly so please keep watching in anticipation...

My thanks for your interest in our remarkable dogs

pup 2.jpeg

(pending adoption)

Male | 7 weeks old | Lab/Husky/Shep

From Northern Manitoba

Chance is the gentle giant. Bigger than all his siblings, but allows them to shine in the spotlight. His calm nature is reassuring to his brother and sisters and usually leads them all into sleepy, cuddle. This sweet boy is generous and caring and desires a loving embrace.



Female | 7 weeks old | Lab/Husky/Shep

From Northern Manitoba

Gypsy, the wanderlust. She exudes bravery like her sister Nova, but in an independent sort of way. She is smart and witty, and loves to find out what’s in store for their next adventure. When it’s time to snuggle, she can’t wait to tell you all the fun stories of her day.

pup 3.jpeg


Female | 7 weeks old | Lab/Husky/Shep

From Northern Manitoba

Dream, who came to us so tiny, has flourished into this lovely pup that dreams of fun filled days of love and exploration. Deep in thought in the caress of a toy, her mind ponders what will be her next FURever venture. Yet not to be forgotten when time to play with her siblings or be held for a cuddle, she will let you know when it is her turn.

pup 4.jpeg


Male | 7 weeks old | Lab/Husky/Shep

From Northern Manitoba

Trip is the playful, mischievous one of his pack. He radiates fun and is known to get the “party started”. He might be the smallest of his siblings, but he is definitely mighty. Trip will find the best toy to play with and get the gang in on some massive tug of war. When time for rest, Trip will always ask to be cuddled like a tiny infant in your arms. As he looks into your eyes, his eyes are so full of joy and love.

pup 5.jpeg

(pending adoption)

Female | 7 weeks old | Lab/Husky/Shep

From Northern Manitoba

Nova the brave! This sweet yet sassy girl is the leader of the pack. From the beginning of their adventure, she has taken on the role of protecting her siblings. She’s not afraid to try something first or speak her mind. The brave face is removed when she knows everyone is safe and can let in love. Her cuddles are contagious, and melt your heart.



9 weeks old | Shep/Husky/Collie X

Meet Journey! A 25 hour drive from northern Manitoba, Journey made it with his 5 “brothers/sisters” (from another mother) in to MPR. He was an orphan, that thankfully was in the right place at the right time when the mission to bring dogs into our rescue, was happening. His body showed struggles and the fight to survive, but his spirit and energy showed hope and light that his future was going to be bright.
Only a few weeks with us, and Journey has shown great progress in his health and learning. He is the protector and mentor to his fellow foster “brother/sisters”. He is wise beyond his age but his energy is youthful and full of life. He is eager to learn and love. Journey is beyond excited to find a family that will thrive off of his zest for life and adventure.