Our puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again...

Below are pictures and names of our adoptable dogs and their status is kept up to date.

Please email us at if you require more information. We receive pups and dogs regularly so please keep watching in anticipation...

My thanks for your interest in our remarkable dogs - Sharron

Fame asking again - Copy.jpg


ADOPTED Fame is a very special little girl and she has been a well-kept secret for a few months now. She was hit by a car in Attawapiskat and left to fend for herself for just over a month before being surrendered to us. We immediately got her the vet care she required and it was determined she had a broken hip that needed rebuilding. Following surgery Fame patiently endured two months of crate rest and has now recovered completely. She is nine months old and medium sized.

I named her Fame because, even before her surgery, she was ready to take centre stage and shine. She is confident, sweet and gleefully happy.

She is well on her way to being house-trained as she didn't have the opportunity to impress us with how quickly she learns while being confined to a crate. She did wait to go out even then though as she is a very clean girl. We have not had her spayed yet because the vets thought it too much for her to recover from in addition to the hip surgery. We feel she now needs to settle into her forever home before being ready for another quick surgery.

Fame is more than ready to begin her "real" life and she will love until she bursts.


ADOPTED - Ginger is a lovely girl and a devoted, courageous mom. She came down from Attawapiskat with her six pups and they were healthy, strong and happy. She had protected them from harm and given them love.

The pups have been placed and now it is Ginger's turn to have the life she so deserves. She has been in foster care in Timmins for over a month and has learned to trust, hope and play. She shares her love with people and dogs but is still unsure of young kids as they confuse her. She is not aggressive towards them, she simply withdraws to watch and consider the possibility of becoming friends. She may have had a few bad experiences with kids up north.

Ginger is two and a half years old and she weights sixty pounds. She has not yet been spayed because of giving birth recently, so the procedure must wait. She is more than ready for her forever home though so we would like to place her with the guarantee that, once she has settled with her new family, they will have her spayed. It really is what is most fair to her.

Ginger is a true rescue in that she will continue to bloom and grow with people who love and guide her through her wonderful new world.  Her heart is open and she wants nothing more than to belong.



ADOPTED - This little girl from Attawapiskat got her name because of the way she views herself in the world so far. She is gentle, sweet, soft and reserved. She thinks carefully before she acts and feels she might grow to be bold and adventurous or maybe she will be a quiet keeper of secrets and hope. Whatever the case, she is ready to belong and adore all who love her.



ADOPTED - Will is just eight weeks old but he knows his own heart and what he wishes to bring to the world. He is determined to share love and kindness while being strong for those who depend on him. This pup from Attawapiskat will never ask for more than he deserves and he will give more than he takes. His will is strong and so is his loyalty.



DAY has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED From an all black, 80 pound Mastiff/Lab cross mom and eleven dark coloured siblings , this pup stands proudly alone. He knows he is handsome and suspects he will be strong and bold but right now Day is happy just being one of a kind. He feels he has to set an example for the others on how to be different yet confident but he sometimes worries that his need to sleep cuddled up to another may distract from his message.

Day is smart, bold and a lover of life. He has much to teach us all I am sure so sharing your life with this boy could be an adventure of wonder.


WALT has been adopted

ADOPTED Walt is just eight weeks old but he takes life seriously and is grateful for the opportunities being rescued allows him. He came down from Attawapiskat with his mom and eleven siblings and he could tell by the way his mom breathed deeply for the first time that life was going to be good. He is a proud northern dog and being a bit of a historian, he knows and respects his heritage greatly. He wouldn’t ever want to let those who came before him down.

This boy is also sweet, caring and sensitive so affectation, cuddles and sweet talk are definitely in his future. Walt is just a fine and upstanding boy.