Our puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again...

Below are pictures and names of our adoptable dogs and their status is kept up to date.

Please email us at if you require more information. We receive pups and dogs regularly so please keep watching in anticipation...

My thanks for your interest in our remarkable dogs - Sharron

A Collie cross mom and her six pups will be arriving December 22nd and will be available for adoption the first week in January.


Violet has been ADOPTED and will be home for Christmas

ADOPTED This little girl is from Attawapiskat so it is in her genes to love the snow as much as she does. Even more than playing outside though, she loves to be cuddled. Violet is sweet, sensitive and delightful. She is smaller than the others in her litter but her mother was an 80 pound Mastiff cross so I am sure she will still be a large dog. Violet is velvety black with touches of white which make her a true beauty.

This dog will brighten every day and guide those she loves through hard or disappointing days. Violet was born to understand, care and mend.



Dillon 3.jpg

DILLON has been ADOPTED and will be home for Christmas

ADOPTED This pup is magnificent. He is a big boy with long brindled legs, white tipped paws and a mighty heart. Dillon is bold, brave and confident and he watches over his siblings with pride. He loves the outdoor and explores every rock, slope and leaf that falls. When the snow came he was beside himself with glee.

Dillon offers devotion, protection, fun and rapt attention to those he loves and he will add greatly to any family he chooses.




DARROW has been ADOPTED and will be home for Christmas

ADOPTED This darling boy is from Attawapiskat and while he is proud of his heritage he is glad his mother brought him south to warmer temperatures, love and care. He is a sensitive pup and he adored his mother. He understood she deserved her own chance at adoption but he sincerely hopes whoever chooses him, will love him as she did.

Darrow is sweet and affectionate and while not as bold as his brothers he certainly intends to protect those he loves and defend their honour always. This dog will never disappoint or ask for more than he deserves.



ADOPTED This boy earned his name by being all black. His mother, an 80 pound Mastiff/Lab cross, was too so he certainly knows he belongs. He, however, will be no where near her size though as he is long legged and slight. Night is more suited to reading and sensitive thought than he is to rough housing but he does love to run and come when called. Anyone wanting a friend to cuddle close will be more than happy when he tucks his head under your chin for a rub and a kiss or two.

This Attawapiskat pup will never disappoint a soul and even though dark in colour, the light shines beautifully from his heart.



DAY has been ADOPTED

ADOPTED From an all black, 80 pound Mastiff/Lab cross mom and eleven dark coloured siblings , this pup stands proudly alone. He knows he is handsome and suspects he will be strong and bold but right now Day is happy just being one of a kind. He feels he has to set an example for the others on how to be different yet confident but he sometimes worries that his need to sleep cuddled up to another may distract from his message.

Day is smart, bold and a lover of life. He has much to teach us all I am sure so sharing your life with this boy could be an adventure of wonder.


WALT has been adopted

ADOPTED Walt is just eight weeks old but he takes life seriously and is grateful for the opportunities being rescued allows him. He came down from Attawapiskat with his mom and eleven siblings and he could tell by the way his mom breathed deeply for the first time that life was going to be good. He is a proud northern dog and being a bit of a historian, he knows and respects his heritage greatly. He wouldn’t ever want to let those who came before him down.

This boy is also sweet, caring and sensitive so affectation, cuddles and sweet talk are definitely in his future. Walt is just a fine and upstanding boy.

There are six more pups in this litter and all are beautiful with a story to tell. Sadly there is not time enough for me to tell them all because I am busy sharing their love. More than understandable I am sure. Sharron