Our puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again...

Here are pictures and names of our adoptable dogs and their status is kept up to date.

Please email us at if you require more information. We receive pups and dogs regularly so please keep watching in anticipation...

My thanks for your interest in our remarkable dogs - Sharron

Buddy 3.jpg


Jack is from Attawapiskat and he is two years old. This dog is simply a delight. He sees only goodness in the world and bounds around every corner believing he will find something wonderful there. In our house, his best friend is Tazi, a ten pound Chihuahua/Shih Tzu cross. They run together, play tug of war together and Jack sleeps with his head-on Tazi until the little dog moves because he can't breathe.

Every day Jack gets happier. He loves to run, be cuddled, share in any project we are working on and nap. I adore this boy.

Jack still needs some training to correct his exuberance at times but overall, he is calm and sweet. He should share his life with children and another dog or dogs if possible.  

Jack is neutered and up to date with his vaccinations. He is a healthy boy.





Martha is six years old and she began her journey into rescue care all by herself. She was abandoned, by her people, on the streets of Cozumel Mexico but made her own way to a crowded area in the hopes of being noticed. A woman saw Martha crossing a busy road and took her to the nearby animal shelter for self-keeping.

Martha’s owners did show up a week later though and explained that she had heartworm which was why they didn’t want her any more. This little dog is a sweet and gentle soul and she would have loved her people deeply. At least Martha was able to receive the veterinary care she so badly needed.  

Martha’s heartworm treatment began in Mexico on November 27th and was completed in late January. We were contacted February 7th and asked if we could take her. There was never any question. Whatever she needed she deserved and would receive.

Martha melted my heart the moment we met. It was clear, as she looked up at me and her little cropped tail wagged frantically, that she had never given up hope. She believed in a better life and she had found it.  

Martha is funny, precious and loving. Our vets confirmed that she is free of heartworm but we discovered that cataracts have left her blind in one eye. That doesn’t seem to bother the little girl at all though. She runs and plays outside with the other dogs and makes it upstairs in a hurry for love and cuddles. We think Martha is a Maltese/Cairn Terrier cross. She is spayed, housetrained and most agreeable. Anyone worthy enough to adopt this little girl will be most fortunate indeed.



Shanty is a one year old Terrier cross from Cozumel Mexico. She was found roaming the streets all on her own and was taken to the local animal shelter. She was tested for Heartworm and the results came back positive. Her treatment began in November and ended in late January. We were contacted February 7th and asked if we would take her. She seemed so sad in the picture they sent us that I could barely wait for her to arrive.

Shanty was grateful when we first met but she didn’t seem to expect much. It was as if she didn’t think she was deserving. She was quiet, unassuming and most agreeable. Somewhere in her short life she learned not to cause trouble or make herself noticed. I would pick her up and whisper promises in her ear and in just a few days she began to believe me. The sadness was replaced with a joyful look and while Shanty remains a serious thinker she is also playful and loving.

Shanty loved the snow immediately and will run with the other dogs and play in it or explore the mountainous snowbanks on her own. She lives every moment to its fullest and I believe she now sees a bright future for herself.

Our vets confirmed that she is free of heartworm. She is spayed and house-trained. Shanty is calm, unassuming, playful and she loves affection. She will be a best friend and loyal companion to anyone worthy of adopting her.   

valentine 3.jpg



Valentine is from Attawapiskat and she was the only surviving pup from a litter of five. we received her when she was four weeks old and hoped beyond hope she would thrive. And, she did. We know now, that this little girl never questioned her destiny and believed in great things for herself. She is a star.

Valentine is confident, curious, interesting and affectionate. She is being fostered in a family with three big dogs who have taught her to respect her elders and to behave in a mannerly fashion.

Valentine has spunk and character and she will charm anyone who knows her. She loves to cuddle and gives as much as she gets. 




Trooper is from Attawapiskat and she is five years old. This lovely girl owes a great deal to our rescue worker in Attawapiskat. She was unsure, confused and wary but Floyd saw deep into her soul and saw her worth. He was determined to save her no matter how long it took to gain her trust.

She lingered near his house, just outside the yard, for months, because her adult daughter Sophie was there. Over time, she drew closer and closer until Floyd could touch her and stroke her face. When Trooper became pregnant with, what was most likely her sixth litter of pups, she entered the yard and became a grateful resident.

Trooper's pups are now four weeks old and she is almost ready to let them go. Her daughter Sophie is still in Attawapiskat waiting to come out so it is the time of reckoning for Trooper. The life she was meant to have can now begin. She is shy but has overcome her mistrust and wariness. She will need a home where she is given time to settle and is both understood       and appreciated. The first picture of Trooper was taken in Attawapiskat.



Tazi is from Moose Factory and he comes with quite a story. He lived in a teepee with a family who loved him very much. He is three years old and for a while he shared his life with his brother. Times can be hard for dogs living in isolated northern communities and it certainly was for this little boy and his sibling. Both dogs were tethered outside while their people went to the store. Their time away was short but still, when they returned the brother was dead and Tazi was bleeding and severely shaken up. They had been attacked by a dog or dogs and the outcome was grim.

Tazi stopped playing after that day and his heart was broken, which it could ill afford to be. Tazi has a pronounced heart murmur.

His people sent him to the vets in Timmins and they recommended the little boy be sent to us. The vets knew we would make sure Tazi received all the tests and treatment he needed as well as any after care, which would not be possible in Moose Factory. We have stayed in touch with Tazi's people and kept them up to date every step of the way. Giving him up broke their hearts but they did the right thing out of necessity.

After several tests, which included an ultra sound, it has been determined that Tazi has Pulmonic Stenosis. He does not need ongoing treatment, medication, special diet or care. Tazi can live a happy, healthy life as long as he doesn't swing from chandeliers too often or jump from mountain tops. He also had eye surgery for a popped membrane and a tooth pulled. Came through it all brilliantly.

From the moment he arrived Tazi has stolen the show. He walked into a pack of eight other dogs and announced himself. He made it clear that he is loving, kind and generous but is not to be taken advantage of because of his size. Tazi is confident, balanced, loving and delightful. He is strong, brave and bold. He weighs ten pounds.

Tazi is playing again and I swear I have heard him laugh out loud a few times. He will protect, love and adore anyone who calls him family and they will be lucky to share his journey.