Moosonee Puppy Rescue officially began in May 2003. Our purpose is to save dogs from neglect, abandonment, abuse and at times from being trapped and shot in the isolated northern communities of Moosonee, Attawapiskat, Fort Albany and Kashechewan.

We also work with organizations that rescue from northern Quebec and we accept surrenders locally when needed. All dogs deserve the best of chances.

We have placed 1400 dogs to date and we are grateful to have known every single one of them.

MPR is registered Charitable Corporation (#84201-8988-RR0001)

Please help us to stop bullying by participating in our "DO NO HARM" campaign. Gossip, rumours and lies spread easily and quickly through social media without the need or sense of responsibility to establish truth or validity. Far too many people believe what they read without consideration and anyone can become the victim of hateful words and false accusations. Hurt is caused and damage is done. 

Dogs are true and honest animals and their actions have reason behind them. So, on behalf of the dogs we love and admire, I ask you to stand up against the bullies and help to prevent the harm they do. 

Send our postcards or wear the t-shirts  to show you will not tolerate harm being done to others. Own your words and be responsible for your actions. Bullies do neither.

We cannot make this a better world for dogs until we improve  it for humans first. 

Product can be purchased through the "Do NO HARM" campaign page.



We are excited to announce a new partnership with a new and proactive organization called Redemption Puppies.

Its founder, Nicole Simone, took an existing concept and made it much better. She organizes office visits with pups and dogs and asked if we would work with her to assist in creating a wonderful experience for both adoptable rescue dogs and work places in need of a “spirit lift”. Nicole is a take charge woman who truly appreciates rescue dogs and works to enhance their well being as well as awareness for their situations.

We share a dedication to dogs in need and I believe we will accomplish great things together. Visit the Redemption Puppies website to learn more about a puppy visit and the hope behind them.



Want to learn more about Moosonee Puppy Rescue? 

Check out this CBC Radio Interview with Sharron Purdy from the Points North Radio Program back in December, 2011...

Visit our HAPPY TAILS page dedicated to all the people who love our dogs as we do and who have given them the life they so deserve…

The Rescue Song by Gord Kidd


Gord Kidd has released an album that includes the Rescue Song and a portion of the proceeds are donated to Moosonee Puppy Rescue. If you are interested in purchasing the CD I recommend you do so as it will only brighten your spirits and remind you why so much in life matters. You can order through or 50/ The album costs $20 and is titled From One Soul to Another and it truly is. My thanks to Gord and his wonderful wife Kathryn who love and adore the three dogs they rescued through us.

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