Our tribute collection of  Jewelry can be found by going to the SILENT TEARS, LOUD JOY & WINGS OF THOUGHT tab on the navigation bar at the top of this page. I am proud to say I made each piece myself while surrounded by dogs and their spirits of goodwill . The Holiday cards can be found under the DONATE AND SHOP tab on the navigation bar while the “So Said the Dogs” Collection can be found under its own tab above. Many thanks for taking a look and supporting dogs in need. Sharron


The dogs do not want charily as they are proud and noble creatures. True, they are in need, but they prefer to offer something in exchange for any help they receive.  Out of respect and  appreciation for the dogs, we have created products that we ask you to purchase as a method of raising very much needed funds. Each item  is designed by myself and the dogs are always near when I am working. They lend their inspiration and devotion to everything.

There truly is no better gift  than one that represents thought, care and reflection.  Our thanks for your support.


Tis the season,

and the dogs are gleeful!

Share the joy by purchasing custom holiday cards and tags created by Moosonee Puppy Rescue and featuring a few of the rescue dogs.


And so said the dogs . . . is a collection based on lessons I learned from the dogs when I needed them the most. Please see the page dedicated to Bernadette, Amos, Mission, Trooper, Angus and Soldier.The collection includes greeting cards, book marks, tote bags, binders, t-shirts and pillows. Each item carries the lesson learned and the wisdom shared.

The Silent Tears tribute collection honours relationships once shared while the Loud Joy collection celebrates those still with us. Each piece is designed and created by Sharron and made with intention.

Assorted gift tags, two of each design show make a set of ten $5

Assorted gift tags, two of each design show make a set of ten $5

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Cyber bullying is all too easy and alarmingly common. Even the most noble of causes come under attack by ill informed and misguided people. 

Gossip, rumours and lies spread easily and quickly through social media without a sense of responsibility or need to establish truth or validity. Far too many people believe what they read without consideration and anyone can become the victim of hateful words and false accusations. Hurt is caused and damage is done. 

Dogs are true and honest animals and their actions have reason behind them. So, on behalf of the dogs we love and admire, I ask you to stand up against the bullies and help to prevent the harm they do. 

Moosonee Puppy Rescue officially began in May 2003. Our purpose is to save dogs from neglect, abandonment, abuse and at times from being trapped and shot in the isolated northern communities of MoosoneeAttawapiskatFort Albany and Kashechewan.

We also work with organizations that rescue from northern Quebec and we accept surrenders locally when needed. All dogs deserve the best of chances.

We have placed 1400 dogs to date and we are grateful to have known every single one of them.

MPR is registered Charitable Corporation (#84201-8988-RR0001)


Our new Christmas cards will be available soon as will a new line to honour the dogs we have rescued, loved and lost. 



Visit our HAPPY TAILS page dedicated to all the people who love our dogs as we do and who have given them the life they so deserve…

The Rescue Song by Gord Kidd