Moosonee Puppy Rescue officially began in May 2003. Once we knew of the conditions in so many northern communities we had to act. Our purpose became to save dogs from being trapped and shot in the isolated communities of Moosonee, Moose Factory, Attawapiskat, Fort Albany and Kashechewan.
- We have placed over 1000 dogs to date, and we are grateful to have known each one of them -
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April 8, 2014 | Hunt and Boswell 

Spring weather would most definitely make Easter a finer time but I have to tell you I am celebrating with glee regardless of the snow, rain and cold. Not only did Glacier find a wonderful new home where he will go to work with the owner of a gym everyday but Raffle is where she belongs now too. We didn't stop there though as a dog that hadn't even been posted, and just came down yesterday ,found the place where he was most needed as well. To celebrate the delight and happiness of all these dogs I went out and treated myself to an armful of tulips!

Placing three doesn't mean we have a shortage though or that our work is done. We still have Cole (below) who is the most wonderful dog I have met in a long time. He makes my heart swell and knowing what he has overcome makes me just about as proud as he is of himself. Cole was bought from a backyard breeder in either Timmins or Cochrane and taken north to breed in Attawapiskat. He was accompanied by a female chocolate lab and a female yellow lab. Our best guess is that Cole is between three and five years old. He was chained up in Attawapiskat and possibly in his previous home as well. He was vulnerable and at risk at all times, never really able to defend himself, and as an intact male he would have been challenged daily by other male dogs. We know kids threw stones and sticks at him and all he could do was suffer the shame of each attack. He really had no life experience and certainly no sense of kindness or care. When Cole came down to us he was unsure and cringed if anyone moved too quickly or if he heard a sound that was unfamiliar to him. He had lived chained up in dirt, so everything else was new to him. Floors terrified him and it didn't matter if they were hardwood, tile or linoleum - they posed a threat to a dog who felt he needed a good grip to escape harm at a moment's notice. When we had him neutered it was discovered that his scrotum had been frost bitten and that he had suffered great pain for some time because of it.

Despite the human race, Cole is a proud and noble dog of character - a throw back to the original labs who were strong, stocky and sturdy with hearts that were soft and sweet. How he stifled all he was for so long is unimaginable to me. This boy has come a long way and he has managed to forgive more than I ever will.

We have an Easter egg hunt with the four grandchildren every year and we have always been concerned about having seven dogs in the house who were more than willing to help find the treats. Having the nose of a clever and skilled lab in the house for the first time will bring a whole new meaning to the word hunt. I think we will send Cole and the other dogs in their own direction through the bush searching for chicken strips and leave the house to the children, although I have no doubt our youngest, Simone who is three years old, would stare down the biggest of all the dogs if it meant keeping a Princess sticker or shiny piece of candy for herself.

I wish you all a very happy Easter and please know that Cole, Boswell, Hunt, Arrow, Maggie, Bloom and Branch will all celebrate in safety, gratitude and glory with us this year. 


moosonee puppy Rescue

Moosonee Puppy Rescue is very happy to announce that we will be sharing Television air time with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program. Because the waiting list for a certified therapy dog can be so long the northern dogs are being recognized as an alternative choice because they are so intuitive, calm, smart and remarkable. I could not be more proud. The segment of Animal House Calls will air on CP24 on Tuesday, April 22nd at 7pm. Please tune in to see Cheyenne who is both a northern dog (while not from us) and a certified therapy dog. Steadman and I will be the back up and he will represent the Moosonee Puppy Rescue dogs well I am sure as he is confident and possesses a bit of star quality already. Apart from the spay and neuter clinic, this could be one of our finest moments.  

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